An unspoiled village

Finikia remains one of the few unspoiled and most beautiful traditional settlements of Santorini and is located just a short walk from the centre of the famous town of Oia.

This gives the travelers that choose to stay in Finikia the opportunity to combine the best of both worlds. The privacy and peace of a typical Cycladic island village and the ability to quickly and easily visit the glamorous and cosmopolitan town of Oia.

The village has preserved the colour and its character. Cave houses – carved deep in the volcanic rock – with courtyards dressed in pink and white bougainvillea’s, surrounded by whitewashed walls, small churches and chapels and cobblestone streets, give out a unique aura of serenity and a feeling of an era gone but not forgotten.

Finikia is perched on the hillside above the valley of Oia where the most precious commodity of the island is grown: grapes.

The village was traditionally the home of the farmers of Oia. The people would labour on the fertile land below, cultivating grapes of the Assyrtico variety that produce the unique “Vinsanto”(the signature wine of Santorini). Most of the houses of the village also had a “Canava” – a cave house carved in the earth where the grapes were pressed and subsequently the barrels of wine were stored to age. At the beginning of the 20th century there were approximately 150 “Canavas” in the village.

The old houses of the village, having been renovated with deep respect to the history of the island, offer the traveler a glimpse into the past of this unique corner of the world.

Our location

Within walking distance (less than 300 m):
2 Greek tavernas & 1 restaurant
The cliffsides of the Caldera are an 8-10 minute walk from the accommodation.
The hiking footpath connecting Oia to Fira is located 800 meters away.